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Hospitals, Bookcovers, and a Contest at last!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 13, 2011, 10:01 AM

:bulletblack: So, the last few weeks have been a bit of a nightmare for me... my boyfriend's had appendicitis for about 2 weeks, but didn't get to the hospital until Saturday--when it had already burst :faint:. This can be fatal in many cases, so needless to say, the last few days have been... scary, to say the least. I've pretty much spent all my waking hours in the hospital with him, hence my inability to get on the internet!

Luckily, he's improved a lot, had the tube taken out of his stomach, and is coming home today, so here I am!

:bulletblack: In better news, I've had 2 of my photos published as book covers lately (making the total 3), with one of them being a commission and the other a redistribution request. I did a bit of bartering and got lenses in exchange for Peach Boy, and was paid 100$ for the reprinting right for Free Fire :)

Side-by-side photos with bookcovers:
Free Fire Book Cover by MichelleRameyPeach Boy Book Cover by MichelleRamey

:bulletblack: And now... time for a contest! I'll be posting a news article soon, but first, I wanted to find people who would be willing to donate a feature or prizes so I can list you in the news article... just comment below or note me if you're interested! (And you can still participate if you donate a prize, of course)

And here's a sneak peak of the contest theme for all my watchers who took the time to read this journal:
The theme is... Genesis!

Thanks for reading everyone :thanks:

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It's all over now...

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 3, 2011, 7:09 PM

School, that is! Meaning that, for a few months, I'm now free to waste time on the internet (aka deviantart) at my leisure, and finally take photos I'm not being paid to take. In fact, almost all of my photography lately has consisted of paid shoots--which is why you guys haven't been seeing any of it!

If you're interested in seeing my non-fine art photography, however, feel free to check out my (somewhat new) official site: It still needs some work, but because I coded most of it, I'm pretty hesitant to change things up for the time being.

And now, some news:

:bulletblack: Want a custom journal skin all your own? I do commissions! See the journal for info:…
:bulletblack: I'm considering doing a "feature of the week" news article project of sorts... thoughts?
:bulletblack: I'm back on tumblr! Feel free to follow me--I'll probably follow you back:
:bulletblack: I decided to push my next contest back a month or two and will be announcing it soon. For the time being, if you want to enter a contest, feel free to check out my group: the Animal-Love-Club is currently hosting an Animal Personality contest.
:bulletblack: Ever need inspiration? YourPhotoMuse, my most recent and probably my favorite project, is growing fast, and we'd love to have you.
:bulletblack: For any fellow fish and/or pet-lovers who were following my fish problems, Tatsu is now doing fine :) Thanks for all your suggestions and concern!

And that's all for now--happy summer everyone :)

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YourPhotoMuse is a concept that sprang from a little light painting challenge between DelgadoPhotography and I, and has turned into a group aimed at giving our fellow deviants inspiration when they may be out of ideas or stuck in a rut. If you ever find yourself looking for inspiration, you may just want to join us! :)

And so, turning our own little challenge into something bigger, the first of YourPhotoMuse's prompts was light painting. Using long shutter speeds and flashlights, glowsticks, or whatever they could find, the prompt inspired members to produce beautiful, surreal works of their own. Now that the prompt has ended, DelgadoPhotography and I would like to feature the members' lovely work! :)

And here's what we admins came up with:

:spotlight-left: :icondelgadophotography: DelgadoPhotography:

Lambda by DelgadoPhotographyZippo by DelgadoPhotographyGymkhana by DelgadoPhotographyDragon's Breath by DelgadoPhotographyEchoes by DelgadoPhotography

:spotlight-left: :iconmichelleramey: MichelleRamey:

Conjure by MichelleRameyRedbull Gives You Wings by MichelleRameyWizard by MichelleRameyConjure II by MichelleRamey

:spotlight-left: And here are our favorites from the members' submissions:

Light Painting 1 by IraMustyPhotographyPiano by A-ANIL:thumb197405281:Light Swirl by funnysneakers42:thumb203411440:D R I F T E R by JAYSMILES23at the streets by picturearts

:spotlight-left: All submissions (48) :

Echoes by DelgadoPhotography Guitar by A-ANIL Sleep by A-ANIL Piano by A-ANIL Trapped in the light by Grayda Sparklers by Grayda Arthrax by bigred-doogster Playing with light by youwatchmebleed lustrous Force by lykhoi96 Amongst the Grass by ExiledSeraph6 Shadow Dance by Lyrak at the streets by picturearts Aurora by Lyrak Glass project. by waggysue Swirl by Lyrak MY HAND IS ON FIRE by LunaLovegood36 :thumb197405281: Day 220 by LunaLovegood36 Lightpainting 2 by Lyrak Green Fire by Lyrak :thumb203411440: veins-01 by 3three6 Morning Spiral by AP3RTUR3 Blue Glow by JAYSMILES23 Heart Strings by JAYSMILES23 Light Fairy by JAYSMILES23 Light Becka by VampireBoodle D R I F T E R by JAYSMILES23 Felis Magicaus by Loriele Light Painting 1 by IraMustyPhotography L.E.D Light sword Test 1 by 222jaspa Day 216 by LunaLovegood36 :thumb194846726: Light painting experiment by Lyrak Light Painting x3 by VampireBoodle :thumb161094008: DAS meditation by Dasreiiyye :thumb202797365: Light Swirl by funnysneakers42 Becka Light by VampireBoodle Jump by ErickaUbasa :thumb187116496: :thumb126245407: What light is this? by Loriele Lambda by DelgadoPhotography Zippo by DelgadoPhotography Gymkhana by DelgadoPhotography Dragon's Breath by DelgadoPhotography

So what is the new prompt? Check out YourPhotoMuse later today to find out! :)

CSS/Journal Skin Commissions: Open!

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 14, 2011, 6:53 PM

:spotlight-left: Please see the new journal for the updated info.:spotlight-right:

Yes, this journal consists of walls of text: I want to be as thorough as possible to avoid confusion. I've finally decided to officially open skin commissions! So, I'll start with  some general info:
:bulletblack:  Examples:…
:bulletwhite: I code all my CSS by hand. Yes, that means I type it-- no Dreamweaver!
:bulletblack:  I make/alter the images in photoshop and upload them to my own host (and now dA can host them)
:bulletwhite: A CSS can take an hour to a few days depending on how complicated the style/images are to work with.
:bulletblack:  If you commission a CSS from me, I don't stop working once I finish the CSS; if you ever need something tweaked or have problems with it in the future, I'll be happy to help! :)

Installable Spring-Sakura Skin by MichelleRameyInstallable Sunset JournalSkin by MichelleRameyInstallable Heart Journalskin by MichelleRameyInstallable Arcane Journalskin by MichelleRamey


You can pay with either Paypal or :points:. (The former being cheaper.) Prices will depend on how complicated the task will be, so the following are merely guidelines.
:bulletred: Background pattern, simple content box(es) : 500 :points: or 5$ (Example:…)
:bulletorange: Header image/banner, simple content box(es) : 600 :points: or 6$ (Example:…)
:bulletyellow: Header & Footer image/banner, simple content box(es) : 700 :points: or 7$ (This skin, or…)
:bulletgreen: Varying prices: Content boxes that aren't the same width/in the same plane (ask me if you're confused!), 3+ images, me having to create/find an image for you that isn't easily accessible

Installable Snail Journal Skin by MichelleRameyInstallable Leaf Journal Skin by MichelleRameyInstallable Crayon JournalSkin by MichelleRameyInstallable End of Fall Skin by MichelleRamey

How to Commission

:spotlight-left: If you are artistically inclined, feel free to design what you want the skin to look like in some kind of art program and show me! Then we can work from there--it'll be a lot easier. :)

:bulletred: First off, you'll need an image or some kind of basis for your skin. If you'd like to include one or more image(s), they must either be your own work or that of a stock provider, as long as you have their permission to use their work.
:bulletorange: Next, tell me what style you want, if you have a specific one in mind: if you don't, I'll base it off the template I use for my other skins. That means I need to know how many content boxes you'd like (the less boxes, the less buggy!), if you want the content box to be a visible box or just text on the background (like this CSS), whether or not you want a footer/header banner and how big they should be, what area(s) of the skin you'd like the title/timestamp on, and so on.
:bulletyellow: Tell me what details you'd like! Colorscheme, text color, font (I'm awful with fonts, so please do tell me what you'd like!) link color, link mouseover changes, box width, etc. If you leave details blank, I'll choose what I think is best--you can always tell me to tweak it after I show you the rough draft :)
:bulletgreen: If you like any of my current free skins and would simply like me to replace the colorscheme/images with your own, let me know! That will not only be easier for me, but for you to envision how it's going to turn out.
:bulletblue: I may be making a sort of "Commission" form/guide sheet that's more visual and less paragraph-like... so let me know if you'd be interested in that :XD:

If your eyes are sore by now, I understand! :giggle: Just talk to me if you're at all interested in a custom CSS: I'm willing to negotiate or explain anything you may be unclear about :)


Contest Impending + News!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 4, 2011, 5:45 PM

First of all, I'm going to be announcing the next contest soon! (Probably next weekend). And this time, it's going to be a theme, not just a genre (ex: "Inspiration" instead of "Macro"). Anyone who would like to preemptively offer features/prizes for the winners would be much appreciated :aww:

Random news:

:bulletblack: I'm going to force myself to get back into water/snail photography, despite how busy I've been! I've missed the little guys, and the splashes :giggle:

:bulletblack: I recently had a near-panic attack involving poison ivy during a canyon excursion with DelgadoPhotography--after tromping through bushes, I realized they all had 3 leaves! I obsessively washed my clothes and wiped down my equipment with Tecnu, and by some miracle, we both emerged unscathed :XD: Just a warning to fellow nature photographers, though: watch where you venture!

:bulletblack: I'm so proud of what the members of my newest project, YourPhotoMuse, have been able to come up with in the form of lightpainting photography :) I'll be posting a feature soon!

:bulletblack: I ended up making my own business cards from, and they turned out well! Thank you to everyone who designed one, I really appreciate it.

:bulletblack: Tatsu (betta fish) is recovering from what I believe was tail-biting... a large portion of his tail is missing. I don't think it was fin rot because a) he's been perfectly active/hungry b) there was no whitish/reddish edging to his fins. Also, I'm almost sure it wasn't ripped by something in his tank because his plants are real and the rocks are smooth. I'm thinking the tailbiting was caused by stress from keeping the aquarium light on during the day to help prevent plant death... oh how that backfired :faint:

Watcher Feature #3! (+ A big announcement)

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 28, 2011, 6:47 PM

Before I do the feature, I wanted to make an announcement... I've started a new group! And this time, it actually has a vision, not just a genre. As some of you may have seen in my poll, I wanted to start a "photo-prompt" group to get fellow photographers out of creative ruts or photo-block, and with some brainstorming by my co-founder and friend DelgadoPhotography and I, YourPhotoMuse was born!

If you're interested in getting inspired or helping to inspire others with photography, take a look at YourPhotoMuse--I'd really appreciate any support of my newest (perhaps crazy) project! :giggle:


And now, onto the feature:

So just like the last times, I assigned everyone who commented on the last journal a number (going by order of comments, of course), and used to generate 10 numbers. And they were...

35, 18, 15, 22, 10, 26, 14, 11, 19, 32

And here's the feature! :)

35) leilani-m
Color confused by leilani-mPortrait of a frog by leilani-mFrozen in time by leilani-m

18) pinballwitch
Lazy by pinballwitchBee Eaters by pinballwitchWaterbucks Watching by pinballwitch

15) Baary
Nightbringer by BaaryAngel by BaarySunset by Baary

22) Photographly
:thumb183809704: :thumb195780573::thumb188315222:

10) JtheQ
Wheatgrass at beach by JtheQangel bird by JtheQPalm from the Lanai by JtheQ

26) Kiara-Vestigium
Copperband Butterflyfish by Kiara-Vestigium:thumb180848417:bell flower by Kiara-Vestigium

14) Lyrak
Blue Lion by LyrakBlack Rose by LyrakEndless Lake by Lyrak

11) carpemomentumphoto
:thumb182915827:Autumn love falls by carpemomentumphotoferris wheel of dreams by carpemomentumphoto

19) Winterous
Number 19
My time, my dear, has come, I fear, my thanks for love you've given me.
And all the joys from you, my boy, have pushed it to infinity.
Alas, my heart, death do us part, I love you with sincerity.
The memories, you give to me, will last me for eternity.
There was an old lady...There was an old lady who swallowed a Spy.
I don't know why she swallowed a Spy.
Perhaps she'll die!
There was an old lady who swallowed a Pyro,
That sprayed and spasmed inside like a gyro!
She swallowed the Pyro to kill the Spy,
I don't know why she swallowed a Spy.
Perhaps she'll die!
There was an old lady who swallowed a Heavy,
What a levy to swallow a Heavy!
She swallowed the Heavy to kill the Pyro,
She swallowed the Pyro to kill the Spy,
I don't know why she swallowed a Spy.
Perhaps she'll die!
There was an old lady who swallowed a Sniper,
Such a viper so swallow a Sniper!
She swallowed the Sniper to kill the Heavy,
She swallowed the Heavy to kill the Pyro,
She swallowed the Pyro to kill the Spy,
I don't know why she swallowed a Spy.
Perhaps she'll die!
There was an old lady who swallowed a Scout,
I was in doubt she'd swallow a Scout.
She swallowed the Scout to kill the Sniper,
She swallowed the Sniper to kill the Heavy,
She swallowed the Heavy to kill the Pyro,
She swallowed the
Number 20
From time to time I wish to die,
Those times I cannot breathe,
This feeling is extreme.
The times that life elates me are,
So few and far between,
This item I believe.
The time between these two extremes,
Is simply empty space,
I dwell on what I need.

32) DemonOfThorns
730 by DemonOfThornsYou Will Not Falter by DemonOfThornsStalking Path by DemonOfThorns

Thanks for commenting everyone, and if you didn't get lucky this time, don't worry-- there will be more to come! :)

Want a Feature? Just Comment! (+ Animal contest)

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 26, 2011, 12:35 PM

:sun: First of all, if you're interested in entering an "Animal Personality" contest, just check out the Animal-Love-Club (you have to join the group to enter, though!)

And that's right, I'm doing it again! If you're one of my watchers, just comment on this journal (saying anything really, even if you just want to talk :giggle: ) if you'd like to be featured, and I'll pick 10-20 numbers from a random number generator to choose who gets featured.

PS: If you haven't already, I'd appreciate it if you welcomed my friend and fellow photographer DelgadoPhotography to dA!

Suspension by DelgadoPhotographyDragon's Breath by DelgadoPhotographyNevermore by DelgadoPhotographyZippo by DelgadoPhotographyEmpty by DelgadoPhotographyMultifaceted by DelgadoPhotography

With all the lovely works I see being submitted to Macro-Photographers--your friendly neighborhood high-quality macro group--I decided I just had to share some of my favorites! Do take a look, and consider watching/joining the group if you're a fan of macro yourself. :)

i don't mind the sun sometimes by hannarchy Out on a Limb by Orcadus A BREATH OF COLORS by ArwenArts Micro world. Sun power-station by AlexGontar ALWAYS TOGETHER by ArwenArts Shadow Puppets by billy-pilgrim :thumb181358053: Standing there by AlexAidonidis Wrong  Place To Be A Giant by xeneras  Melancholic Spider by GiorgosMaravelakis A Bite To Eat by JustinKelly05 Love is everywhere by Angie-Pictures pretty fly by Tulgay FACET DRAGONFLY by franzauruz182 :thumb200082625: 1mm Jelly bean by AimishBoy Ladybugs by benas1971 is ok I pose for you by fiathriel Single Mother by AimishBoy a Clamplike Device by Piddling 1mm Gazelle by AimishBoy Piggyback by Angie-Pictures Invisible by Justysiak Robber Fly by RichardConstantinoff Hunger by Metkan Specked Bush-Cricket by KeldBach Cutie in a Dream 1 by Metkan :thumb200725995: Crystal by Piddling VOLCANIC DROP by ArwenArts Toxic Drop by jvrichardson :thumb185513163: Milk drops I by Matus201 Always remember by Justysiak The Big Snowflake by nnIKOO Melting Snow Flakes 03 by Loveless-Dreamers F25 Snow Flakes by SleepingDeadGirl the snowflake by wolf-minori Blow My Mind - In Colors by IngoSchobert Like a Rainbow by BleeedingRose Fill the Heart by NiroStyle Warped Reflections by KeldBach Blackberry Lips by alexskyline Mirror by Daaniera The gang by AimishBoy .november.rain. by candymax Ink by PorcelainPoet CHAIN OF FREEDOM by ArwenArts

Thanks for looking, and be sure to show the artists (and Macro-Photographers) some love!


Want to design a business card?

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 5, 2011, 1:42 PM

As some of you may know, I don't only do fine art/macro/wildlife photography--I have a San Diego based business doing portraits, events, portfolio shots for models and actors, Christmas Cards/family portraits, and even fashion. I've had a freewebs site for awhile, but whenever people around here ask for a business card, I never have one--so I've decided I need to make one!

I am not, however, the best at designing business cards :XD:

Though I know I could make... adequate... ones on my own, I thought I'd ask you guys: is there anyone who would be interested in helping to design a business card for me?

It's only if you have free time and want to give it a try,  enjoy graphic design, or have experience designing your own; I'd be willing to give points/buy a subscription for whoever makes one I decide to use :aww:

Sadly, the URLs,,, and are all taken... the main alternatives I've thought of are and, but they're so long... my friend also suggested, but I can't decide! So, suggestions are more than welcome... just check if they're taken first :)

Information that would need to be included:
:bulletblack: Email:
:bulletblack: Website: (Choose one of the 3 alternatives from above or suggest your own... if you choose, talk to me first! I'd also want to include "Mira photography" on the card itself somehow.)
:bulletblack: Possibly one/a few of my photos on the card

If you're interested, please talk to me! I'd be grateful for any advice/suggestions as well :aww:

(Feel free to do it through a site, as I plan to print it through zazzle, vistaprint, etc.)

Please fave the article if you find it helpful, so more people can learn the difference! :aww:

As a co-owner of HighSpeedPhoto and a high speed photographer myself, you wouldn't believe how much confusion I witness surrounding the phenomenon that is high speed photography, especially confusing it with long exposure photography. Though both high speed and long exposure photography are based around movement, they aren't interchangeable terms; in fact, they are essentially opposites! Where high speed photography demands the fastest shutter speed you can manage (and often even a flash), long exposure is generally a shutter speed of over a second, recording movement over time.

Because the shutter distinctions may be confusing to some people, I've collected some art (much of the high speed work from the members of HighSpeedPhoto) showing each category from the wonderful photographers here on Deviantart!

:spotlight-left: High Speed Photography :spotlight-right:

Though many associate high speed photography with water splashes, there's more to it than just water. There's human action, objects flying or breaking, explosions, smoke rising, animals fighting or playing, birds flying--whatever you can think of that is movement clearly frozen in time by a fast shutter speed or flash.

protection by avibitter I've got the blues... by nomkcalb Lady in Red by nomkcalb THE LIQUID ARCH by ArwenArts VOLCANO DROPLET by ArwenArts Fluidity by Spryguyuk High Speed Photography - 003 by comepartmental Martini glasses by byredis Broken by Davenit Wounded by Davenit Missed by Davenit Cognac2 by byredis Unleash The.. by ilhaman Bang Boom Bang by signs4silence Splash... by hquer Balloon Pop 2000fps by KellyJane Just Before The Big Bang by IngoSchobert Make Your Own Happiness by oO-Rein-Oo Bullet Time by anderton Colour by Tom-Willemen burnout by Torsten-Hufsky Cross Jump I by NieuweNaam Water Dance 11 by ducmphung Watch_Out by maitham786 Kailani rebuffs Wolfgang by Lupinicious Jawzahr z Peronowki by Czertice Approaching Dragon by ernieleo:thumb188390560:

:spotlight-left: Long Exposure Photography :spotlight-right:

Though there are less examples of long exposure photography on Deviantart than there are of high speed, it definitely has a niche of its own. While high speed photography attempts to clearly freeze movement, long exposure seeks to capture the path of movement--to draw it out over time. Whether it be waterfalls, moving cars, light painting, or people moving; long exposure photography is often characterized by blurs, smooth lines, and paths of light.

Long Exposure by markroutt Long Exposure by ourneverland Long Exposure Embers2 by Triple7 High Speed by BreakfastOfChampions High Speed by AlixInWonderLand Ferris Wheel Long Exposure by MisterDedication :thumb45559125: colour exposure. by 4420 Brussels by Night by BenHeine 39 Second by Selta :thumb181240680: thirsty light by isischneider Water Slide by Davenit waterfall by Jay-In-A-Half-Shell WATERFALL by crichton380

Thanks for reading, and if you like high speed photography, go check out :iconhighspeedphoto:! :)

Birthdays, Bettas, 6k messages and... another DD?!

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 26, 2011, 1:36 PM

I've been meaning to write a journal for about 2 weeks now, but have just been so busy! Motherboard failure of my computer plus third quarter junior year at a school like mine leaves one almost no free time, let alone dA time. :XD: So, I apologize for all the lag in message answering/admin duties in all my groups; I recently (finally) answered/cleared out the 6000 messages in my inbox, so hopefully I can be a little bit more responsive from now on.

First of all, the 6th was a very good day--I seem to have somehow gotten a third daily deviation! And there's a funny story behind how I found out, too: I was actually on my lit account when I saw my own photo in the DD bar at the bottom of the page... needless to say, I felt a sudden rush of shock and confusion until I logged into this account and realized what had happened! I am honored and thankful for having received another one, though I'm still a little confused as to why Kaz-D chose the deviation she did, as I see the photo as a bit... sub-par compared to my other work, but maybe that's just me being picky! I am certainly not complaining, though, and am so grateful for Kaz-D's choice and all of your support :hug:

Photo: Metallic by MichelleRamey

2 days later, February 8th, was also my birthday, so it was a wonderful present! Also slightly related to my birthday, I decided I wanted to spend the money I've been making off my photography on a betta fish (he's in the journal header :giggle: ) since I'm an obsessive animal lover and have never had a fish before. After about 2 weeks, I finally decided to name him Tatsu, which means water dragon in Japanese :) Though, as I mentioned in the photos of him, he wasn't eating very much the first few days, he seems to now love his pellets and bloodworms and is, in fact, a little pig (I don't overfeed him though, don't worry!). Also, to everyone who commented regarding the filter problems: I weakened the filter with pantyhose over the intake and part of a water bottle under the output (it splits the water so the currents aren't as hard for the little guy), and he seems to be just fine now!

Some photos:
Halfmoon Betta: The Hunt by MichelleRameyPortrait of an Unnamed Betta by MichelleRameyShowing off the Bowtie by MichelleRamey

To any experienced fish owners: Before buying the fish, I had done research, of course; but for some reason the sites/forums I visited seemed to have failed to mention the necessity of cycling a tank before putting the betta in it, as I suppose most people prefer to just keep their bettas in tiny bowls. I bought him a 3 gallon tank with filtration, a heater, and live plants; but, being naive, didn't know that I had to cycle it and I ended up putting him in shortly after setting it up. The water (and the betta) was fine with weekly 30% changes, but now after 3 weeks, one of the plants died (I removed it though) and there now seems to be an extreme ammonia spike in the tank according to my API tests... the tests are reading between .5ppm and 1ppm (though it's hard to tell), and the tank smells awful, so I've been doing daily 40% changes starting 2 days ago, but I'm afraid this is just going to stress him out even more! I bought some Stresszyme both for the anti-stress and bacteria-adding to kickstart the nitrifying process... but any suggestions/advice from experienced fellow fish owners would be wonderful! I genuinely want to care for the little guy as best I can because I take petcare very seriously, but sadly because I only have experience with mammals, gastropods, and reptiles, I've had to rely on fish forums and sites!
Note: pH and water hardness are ridiculously high from the tap here in Southern California, even treated... pH is about 7.8. I've been mixing it with distilled water and some pH down but its hard to make a change with such hard water :(

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, and I'll be posting more photos of Tatsu as long as you'd like to see him :aww:

I am only somewhat dead! (Thank yous and updates)

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 27, 2010, 12:53 PM

The snails have been hibernating, and so have I, it seems.

But, in reality, I've just had a ridiculously difficult set of midterms and a whirlwind of relatives, friends, and computer problems that seem intent on keeping me from taking photos and going online as much as I'd like to! Being without my desktop, I may have trouble uploading any new photos for a little while; this netbook doesn't quite have the processor for dealing with large numbers of photos :faint:

So, I'd just like to thank everyone for the support despite my inability to answer comments in a prompt fashion :giggle: (I think I'm caught up though!) And thank you to everyone who bought or plans on buying my snail calendar; I hope it comes quickly and I hope you all enjoy it! :aww:

Also, thanks so much to everyone for the prizes and votes for winning the FireAndWaterPhotos contest, it's really an honor that you guys liked my photo so much! :)

PS: I'm considering making a winter CSS today if I get the time, so keep an eye out if you're interested!

2011 Snail Calendar: only 21$ until tonight!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 28, 2010, 1:51 PM

:spotlight-left:Snails Calendar 2015 by MichelleRamey:spotlight-right:

Sadly, I didn't get a chance to upload the calendar until the last day of Deviantart's black Friday sale-- so if you'd like to buy one and want 20% off (meaning it's 16$), I suggest doing it before midnight PST tonight!

Anyways, I've finally uploaded the snail calendar I've been talking about! If you have any particularly quirky or snail-loving friends or relatives, I'd suggest it as the perfect Christmas gift :giggle: Or, get it if you're a snail fan yourself!…

For some reason, on the print itself, it won't let me change the print description without erroring... but I assure you, it's ready for sale! :aww:

Please Give a Warm Welcome To...

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 20, 2010, 4:20 PM

AriaWilliams :bulletblack:  :iconariawilliams:

Some of you might remember the journal I posted a few months ago about a model (and my best friend) by the name of Gewels. She was really loving Deviantart while she was here, but sadly her account was hacked and deactivated, and she gave up for awhile. :(

But now, she's back and giving it another try, and I'd really appreciate it if you could welcome her and encourage her to stay! She's approachable and looking for some friends in the community, considering she lost all her other ones when her account was hacked.

She and I are currently doing a shoot-a-week project in order to improve her modeling and my people photography; so if you'd like to see photography of mine that you'd never see here, feel free to watch her! :giggle:

And here's some of her work:


Thanks everyone :aww:

Want a photo of yours retouched?

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 13, 2010, 12:14 PM

I've been on a bit of a retouching kick lately, and I'd like a bit more practice before I start charging. So, if you'd like a photo (or multiple photos) of yours retouched for free, just comment here and I'll give you my email to send your full res, unedited file to!

Some info:
:bulletblack: Studio portraits (of people) are preferred, but I'll also take outdoor ones.
:bulletblack: I won't be able to retouch your photo successfully if it isn't high res enough :(
:bulletblack: Please make sure the file is a high quality jpeg, unedited and full res!
:bulletblack: Let me know if you'd like a general/minimal touch-up, color retouch, facial structure retouch, a crazy makeup-adding touch up, whatever I want to do, etc.
:bulletblack: If you choose to upload the retouch to DA (or other sites), please credit me in the artist's description!
:bulletblack: I can't guarantee I'll be able to retouch every file I'm sent, but I'll try my best!


Color Retouch: Icy by MichelleRamey Color Retouch: Crimson by MichelleRamey Harvest Retouch by MichelleRamey Practice Retouch II by MichelleRamey Practice Retouch III by MichelleRamey Practice Retouch I by MichelleRamey

PS: I'm in the process of judging (with a few other objective individuals without dA accounts) for the Macro/Close-up contest; the results will be up before too long!

Macro/Close-up Photography Contest: Closed

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 8, 2010, 4:40 PM

:spotlight-left: Deadline: November 11th :spotlight-right:

I hate to spam journals (well, post them less than 2 weeks apart) but I just thought I'd give a friendly reminder to all those who wanted to enter but haven't done so yet: you have 3 days! :)
The contest has ended!

Also, the prizes have been updated.
Features are now being offered to the winners by these lovely deviants and groups:

In addition to the subscriptions and custom CSS, that is. Thanks everyone for offering to feature them! :)

For the full prize list/contest info, see the article:…

Tumblr, Anyone?

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 30, 2010, 12:08 PM

:sun: Still desperately looking for people to help feature the winners for my Macro/Close-up contest! (You don't have to have a subscription to post a news article) :sun:

Despite how insanely busy I've been lately, I decided I wanted to try photo-blogging--especially since I hate spamming my dA watchers with journals. I put up a poll asking about Blogspot vs. Tumblr, and though Tumblr came in second, I decided to go for it.

After a few posts, I think I've decided I actually like blogging! (though I'm still getting the hang of it) :giggle:

So, if any of you have Tumblr pages, I'd love to follow you! Just post the link below and I'll take a look :)

And here's mine:

I'd love to know what you think of it even if you don't have one yourself!

:sun: Don't forget about the Macro/Close-up Photography Contest! The deadline is in about 2 weeks (Nov. 11th). All the info in the article:…

Macro/Close-up Photography Contest Update + News

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 3, 2010, 11:48 AM

Hello everyone :wave:

I'd like to make a few tweaks that I sadly can't make directly to the news article (…)...
:bulletblack: For the prizes, you can choose to either directly win a subscription OR the equivalent in points.
:bulletblack: Because my collections folders tend to glitch when I add entries straight from the deviation page, I require that people send me thumbs of their entries. Don't know how to post a thumb? I've made a simple tutorial:
How to Post a Thumbnail -- Big and Small by MichelleRamey

If you have no idea what contest I'm talking about or you're interested in entering, just read the article:… :)

I also have two rather exciting pieces of news (for me, at least :giggle: ) :
I'm selling a book of snail photography through Blurb! I've ordered a copy for myself to proof it, but after I make sure everything is printing smoothly, I'll be making it available for purchase for anybody interested  :)

Cover/title: Snails in a Nutshell by MichelleRamey

:bulletblack: I've been given an admin position in one of the most popular model photography groups out there: ModelProPhoto! Though I don't post much of my own people photography on this account, I do quite a bit of it/am paid for it; so my scope of photography isn't completely irrelevant to the group ;) I suggest you check it out if you're interested in truly top-notch model photography!

Thanks for reading,

Two Amazing and Underappreciated Photographers

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 24, 2010, 12:20 PM

There are so many wonderful artists on this site that sometimes, there will be those rare jewels that get much less attention than they deserve. Two of these happen to be deviants that not only have a stunning talent with photography, but are also as kind and personable as can be! To pay these friends and wonderful photographers homage, I've decided to do a little feature.

So, who are these mystery artists?
Why, lenron and Lupinicious, of course.
(in alphabetical order only, I assure you!)

:spotlight-left: :iconlenron:
Also a fellow high-speed artist, lenron has more than proven his prowess with model photography since joining dA. Not only does he manage to evoke poses from his models that are somehow engaging while not looking the least bit forced (which anyone who has tried model photography knows is hard to accomplish!), but he is always letting his own sense of creativity shine through in his incredibly unique wardrobe and concept combinations. He has also shown his complete and utter mastery of studio lighting, as well as employed just about every gel and background combination imaginable.

Being a longtime dA friend, he's given me the honor of allowing me to retouch some of his works, and is definitely one of the most approachable and sociable deviants around. He's even been kind enough to give me (extremely helpful) model photography and lighting tips!


:spotlight-left: :iconlupinicious:
One of the most amazing and dedicated wildlife photographer on this site, Lupinicious is truly an inspiration. Though many may think that wildlife and zoo animal photography consists of nothing more than having good equipment and snapping a picture of an animal doing something interesting, Lupinicious shows us all that are more facets to it than we think. He is one of the few deviants out there that truly connects with his subjects, and shows us sides of animals that we never though we'd see. Anyone who has tried knows how much patience is required to capture animals in action the way he does!

Not only is he a master in catching animals in unique and fascinating poses, but he always manages to compose his images just perfectly, many even appearing painting-like! (How does he do that?) He is also another wonderfully approachable deviant, and lets his sense of humor shine through in both his work and his titles.

Dhole Standing Proud by LupiniciousYou are safe with me by LupiniciousNose warmer by LupiniciousSentinel by LupiniciousDenali by LupiniciousWalking the Shadows by Lupinicious

And the best part? They both offer prints! Now go look at their galleries :giggle:

:sun: Please fave the article to spread the word! :sun:

As always, thank you to everyone for participating in my previous contests, both with entries and feature donations. I'd also like to give a big thank you to those who donated points to help out with the prizes!

Because of placing highly in a poll on the subject and in honor of my (relatively unknown) group Macro-Photographers, I've decided to make the theme of this contest Macro & Close-up Photography. (I've added "Close-up" in order to include those lacking dedicated macro equipment.)

Winners of my last Macro/Close-up Contest (December 2009)

:thumb145380927:Glass Wings by CaelithaI N N O C E N C E by Ch3M-X


:bulletblack: First place: 3 month subscription from MichelleRamey + custom journalskin from MichelleRamey (if desired) + journal/news features
:bulletblack: Second place: 1 month subscription from MichelleRamey + journal/news features
:bulletblack: Third place: Journal/news features
:bulletblack: Looking for people to feature the winners! If you'd like to, please don't hesitate to comment on this article or note me. ;) The more, the better! You can still enter if you do, of course, and you don't need a subscription to feature people in a news article.

:spotlight-left:Rules/Thing you need to read:spotlight-right:

:bulletblack: Deadline: November 11th
:bulletblack: Number of entries allowed: 1
:bulletblack: Picture must have been taken in 2010.
:bulletblack: In the description/artist's comment of the picture you enter, please include "Entry for :dev michelleramey:'s (without the space) Macro & Close-up Photography Contest."
:bulletblack: It is suggested that you add me to your watch list to keep up with updates or find out if you place/get honorable mention, but it is definitely not a requirement.
:bulletblack: To enter, send me a note titled "Photography Contest" with the THUMB to your entry.

If you would like to change your entry at any time throughout the contest, you may certainly do so by sending me a note titled "Entry change" with a THUMB to the current piece that you've entered, and a THUMB to the new piece you'd like to enter.

Good luck to everyone, and I can't wait to see your entries!

Entries folder:…