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July 15, 2011


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YourPhotoMuse is a concept that sprang from a little light painting challenge between DelgadoPhotography and I, and has turned into a group aimed at giving our fellow deviants inspiration when they may be out of ideas or stuck in a rut. If you ever find yourself looking for inspiration, you may just want to join us!

Our latest (and first!) conceptual theme was Rebirth, however members chose to interpret it. The members seemed to like the theme, because we had 133 submissions! :faint:

:spotlight-left: And here's what we admins came up with:

Suspension by DelgadoPhotographyGenesis by MichelleRameyRebirth by MichelleRamey

:spotlight-left: And our favorites from member submissions:

Bless me with this fire by dukeofspadeBeauty of Nature by SensenfrauZa zatackou by tomsumartinFire Rain by skyphoNature by Friday-13thGold Crown by lessysebastianIn Thought by MichaelJTopleyElysium by DanielHeydecke:thumb207546785:Footsteps of Dawn by FreeSpiritFotographyIn The Sunset by MusikandHPfan-New

:spotlight-left: All submissions (133)

Spring Queen by Amanora A Delicate Rebirth 11 by DorianStretton :thumb204693531:  Suspension by DelgadoPhotography  Rebirth by kkart Wildebeest Run by pinballwitch Alter-Ego by vwake In The Sunset by MusikandHPfan-New Rebirth by ivyimagery Rebirth by Segnoz Firestarter by GVA Footsteps of Dawn by FreeSpiritFotography Stardust by Ph0t0-girl Stargazer by Ph0t0-girl :thumb92727032: Apple by LMPPhoto  :thumb163571751: Flora by Lyrak Blossoms in the Woods by JtheQ :thumb201709085: :thumb205264627: For Katsumoto by Aijoku Unschuld by DanielHeydecke Rebirth by Identifyed-Khaos Elysium by DanielHeydecke :thumb205972186: :thumb205972315: Dandelion by Ph0t0-girl :thumb206209235: S p r o u t by Bran-Flakes97 :thumb204548530: :thumb204012853: Water Lotus by FallenKnite Beauty of Nature by Sensenfrau White Sakura by FallenKnite Budding Summer by FallenKnite Drunk by Rain by Manon-Blutsanguen .:Yellow Splash:. by Manon-Blutsanguen Waterdrops _13 by h3design Wherewolf by lykhoi96 :thumb206915339: just fern by deoroller I saw the moon divorce the sky by Identifyed-Khaos Luminous Blooms by Lyrak :thumb207012354: Renaissance by FreeSpiritFotography Become Aware of the Details by Identifyed-Khaos Cherry Reflections by Salmonice run away from life by stillnotsorry Out of the Darkness by Ph0t0-girl :thumb207520448: :thumb207546785: Pusteblumen by chemical-mischa Clouds 10 by Identifyed-Khaos :thumb197385691: :thumb208162925: :thumb208317505: Gold Crown by lessysebastian In Thought by MichaelJTopley :thumb208525396: :thumb208513140: The Butterfly who was Free by Identifyed-Khaos :thumb209052852: New Life by Lyrak Misconception by Identifyed-Khaos New Born by Identifyed-Khaos Tender and Pale by iamBlackfox Nature by Friday-13th At the Dawn of Time by GobboE drops - tulip by NaViGa7or tulips by TheAutumnLeaves Lumsdale Waterfall 3 by MichaelJTopley Lumsdale Waterfall 4 by MichaelJTopley Luscious Lilacs by Salmonice :thumb211539003: :thumb211539512: .: Delicatesse :. by Friday-13th Purple Heart by Ph0t0-girl Sorcery by Draia436 Warmth of the Evening Sun by MichaelJTopley bramble by 3three6 Fire Rain by skypho Za zatackou by tomsumartin Cabreia II by skypho :thumb188594107: . . Enchanted . . by KimberleePhotography Nose to Nose by Mac-Wiz Little Hummer 2 by Mac-Wiz Outstanding in its Field by Mac-Wiz :thumb211830191: Mermaid I by Sulde fall apart by frustra-saeva I Do Believe in Fairies by Dreamnesiak red white n' blue by PinkFishGR Magic Bubbles by Jessica-Lorraine-Z I'll be out of my mind. by hootalex :::Stuck Between::: by CzarnyLas :::Let it rain::: by CzarnyLas :::Ocaleni::: by CzarnyLas Going Home by GobboE timeless traffic by archonGX Peacock by jpgmn Eglogue by pierrot1992 Just a fairy tale. 2 by pierrot1992 Just a fairy tale. 4 by pierrot1992 Tangerine Dream by Ph0t0-girl Sunlight by cammeron99 Crimson Petals by Ph0t0-girl Painted Light 06 by Draia436 Fiddlehead by Caloxort Psyche by Ph0t0-girl Stones by cammeron99 Little Shop of Horrors by Salmonice In Wartime by MichaelJTopley Burial of the dead by LuciaConstantin Relief by Dreamnesiak :thumb216273902: :thumb216277880: Starstruck by Phantom-Love-Story LA : Downtown by Sllyvain Curiosity thrilled the cat... [STOCK] by S0n0ra New Beginning by ilhaman Bless me with this fire by dukeofspade Nature's Rainbow by Ph0t0-girl Awakening by JimP4nsen Revive by Lyrak :thumb217190664: The dream of being with you by LaLillaa :thumb217765381:

So what is the new conceptual prompt? Check out YourPhotoMuse to find out!
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Thanks for featuring me! This is a great collection!
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Beautiful! :heart: Thanks for the feature! Can't wait to start doing something for the new prompt! :la:
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I would like to thank You :blackrose: very much :hug:
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